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Red Raspberry Creamed Honey, Spread and Condiment, Nate's Nectar
  • Our Red Raspberry Creamed Honey is a smooth and creamy blend of natural raw honey with the sweet and tart flavor of red raspberries. Enjoy this unique and delicious spread on toast, oatmeal, pancakes, or ice cream for a sweet and fruity treat. To ensure the quality of our product, all creamed honey is created in small batches. Creamed Honey has a two-year shelf-life and there are no added preservatives.


    Current flavors: Blueberry, Caramel, Cinnamon, Lemon, Maple, Original, Orange, Peach, Red Raspberry


    Available in 5.5 oz plastic jar

    Made in United States of America


    What is creamed honey?

    Creamed honey is our natural raw honey mixed at room temperature to encourage the formation of tiny crystals that create a thick consistency. Creamed honey spreads like a thick butter or jam and provides a sweet touch to any pastry or snack. Nate’s Nectar creamed honey is created in small batches to ensure high quality taste for our customers. Creamed honey is stored at room temperature and has a two-year shelf-life. Nate’s Nectar provides nine flavors of creamed honey and there are no added preservatives. 

    Red Raspberry Creamed Honey

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