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Beeswax Body Butter

Check Out Our All-Natural Beeswax Body Butter

Do you have rough skin that needs an intensive moisturizer? If so, you should try out body butter. Body butter usually has a thick texture and provides longer lasting moisture than lotion. Here at we have an amazing Beeswax Body Butter that provides deep moisturization to help protect your skin from dryness as well as rough or patchy skin. Our Beeswax Body Butter is all natural, made with our very own beeswax and scented essential oils. You can choose from 4 different scents: Eucalyptus Peppermint, Grapefruit Spearmint, Lavender Orange, and Lemongrass Bergamot.. Our Beeswax Body Butter comes in 1oz and 2oz glide sticks for easy application without making a mess.  

Visit our site today to get your Beeswax Body Butter. Nate’s Nectar is a family-owned business that includes our honey and beeswax products created from our family apiary.


For product questions, we can be reached by telephone at 937-935-3289, online, or by email.

Interested in wholesaling Nate’s Nectar honey and beeswax products? Nate’s Nectar offers discounted prices to our participating wholesalers. Our website includes information on shipping/delivery and Nate’s Nectar’s Terms & Conditions.

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