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A Family Owned Business

Nate's interest in bees started while in college through a local bee club. He learned the basics and before graduating from college he bought 4 nucs that quickly turned into 20 and the business has been growing ever since. After Nate started his own bees, the rest of the family quickly found roles within the company.


Co-Owner, Nate's Nectar

Nathan Davis

Nathan is the owner of Nate's Nectar. He spends most of his time working with the bees and focusing on the health of the hives. By doing so he is able to have more honey produced, while achieving the quality standards that Nate's Nectar upholds. He also leads the outreach to create more store partners to sell Nate's Nectar products.


Owner, Davis Apiaries, LLC

Tim Davis

Tim is the owner of Davis Apiaries, LLC. Along with Nathan, he concentrates most of his time working in the bees to ensure the wellbeing of the hives. 


Festivals/Events and Shipping/Deliveries

Emily Davis

Emily organizes most of the festivals, farmers markets and other events that Nate's Nectar attends. She assists in the bees and oversees the packaging of online orders. She also works closely with our store partners to ensure proper stocking of all Nate's Nectar products. 


Skin Care

Jessica Davis

Jessica is the lead for the skin care division of Nate's Nectar. She spends her time perfecting her skin care products and is always researching to advance her merchandise to create the biggest impact for her clients. She also assists at some of the events that Nate's Nectar attends.



Lauryn Davis

Lauryn is the lead for the Nate's Nectar candles. She spends her time making candle tins and melts. She is always looking for the next great scents to be created. It is likely to also see Lauryn working many of our festivals, farmers markets and other events.


Business Assist

Marissa Davis

Marissa is the "jack of all trades" for Nate's Nectar. She works along side Nathan to ensure the health of the bees, while also working with Emily at festivals, farmers markets and other events.


Co-Owner, Nate's Nectar

Marketing & Media

Erika Davis

Erika leads are marketing efforts for Nate's Nectar through our social media platforms, website, and various promotional materials. She works closely with Lauryn to create content to spread the word and educate others about our products and bees.


From Our Family to Yours

As a family owned business we are there to help each other out. Our job duties may vary often, but we are always willing to lend a helping hand. That is what makes a family run business successful!

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