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Davis Apiaries, LLC is always looking for more locations for us to set our bees. We are actively looking for places in west central Ohio. Spots we prefer include CRP, set asides, pastures or clearings. There are two things we are looking for in a location, a place where we can get trucks in and out fairly easily and locations that do not flood out or that we can access within a couple days after a rain.


If you think you have a potential location, reach out to us! We will come look over the location with you. You can email us at or call/text Nathan at 937-935-3289.


Places we like

We like to place bees in pastures, edges of fields, CRP and areas that are not in use. In pastures, we will put up an electric fence. With field edges, we like to sit a couple yards off of the crop.


What we look for

We look for places that we can get in and out of with our trucks. We will treat your property like our own, we will not drive in a day after two inches of rain!


What we do

Bees will be moved in late March-early April and removed September-October. We typically check them every 10-14 days so we will be at your property fairly frequently. We will mow up around the hives to keep the property looking good.

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