Frequently Asked Questions

My honey has crystallized! What do I do now?

This is our most frequently asked question! Your honey crystallizing is completely normal, in fact it is good because it shows that our honey has not been heated. This is our favorite way to decrystallize your bottle or jar. Fill a pot with water and heat it on the stove until it is about to boil (not quite boiling), remove the pot from the bruner and place your container in the water for a few minutes. You may have to repeat this process a couple times to liquify the whole bottle.

Do you get stung?

YES, yes we do.

What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey is our liquid honey mixed with crystallized honey to make a room temperature spread. Creamed honey does not need to be kept in the refridgerator so it can be kept on the counter or in a pantry. We recommend sitting it in a place where the sun will not shine on it.

Do you keep your own bees?

Yes we do! We are based out of DeGraff, Ohio and have bees in the surrounding counties.

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