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Natural Raw Honey, 3 oz plastic jar, Party Favors, Nate's Nectar
  • Our Natural Raw Honey Favors are the perfect gift to give for any occasion, wedding favors, baby shower, bridal shower, or a general party favor! The favors are 3oz in a plastic container, for ease of event preparation and guest travel. Our natural raw honey still contains all of the great properties that honey should retain. It is non-heated and unfiltered and also contains pollen.


    Bundle of 25 favors for $75.00


    25 Honey Dippers can be purchased $12.50


    Favors do not come labeled. Button sticker with required information is provided on the bottom of each favor.

    Natural Raw Honey Party Favors, 25 Pack

    PriceFrom $75.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
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