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"From Hive to Consumer!"


Everything's Natural, Raw & Local.

Plastic Squeeze Bottles
Glass Muth Jars with Honey Dipper
Our Honey


We currently have two sizes of natural raw honey available for purchase. Each size comes in a squeezable container with no-drip caps. 


1 Pound Squeeze Bottle: $7.00

2 Pound Squeeze Bottle: $14.00

1/2 Pound Muth Jar: $7.00

1 Pound Muth Jar: $12.00


Please contact us for inquiries on larger portions.


Nate's Nectar

Our goal at Nate's Nectar is to provide top quality and great tasting honey. We pride ourselves on our honey being natural and raw that is "From Hive to Consumer."


Natural honey means that nothing has been added to the honey. Raw honey is honey that is unprocessed. We do not heat or micro filter our honey to ensure that we produce top quality raw honey. By heating and micro filtering honey, it takes the pollen and other good nutrients out of it and in return, takes all of the health benefits out.

"From Hive to Consumer!"

Natural, Raw & Local


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