Beeswax Products

All-Natural Beeswax Products Now Available Online

Nate’s Nectar is a family-owned business that includes our honey and beeswax products created from our family apiary. Nate’s Nectar also offers beeswax products and candles in a variety of aromas. These beeswax products include –


In addition, Nate’s Nectar offers these beeswax candles in 4-ounce tins (with an average burn time of 16+ hours), or cube wax melts -


For product questions, we can be reached by telephone at 937-935-3289, online, or by email.

Interested in wholesaling Nate’s Nectar honey and beeswax products? Nate’s Nectar offers discounted prices to our participating wholesalers. Our website includes information on shipping/delivery and Nate’s Nectar’s Terms & Conditions.